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The very best health and wellness CBD products. Our award-winning formulas are science-led and plant-powered to deliver real results.

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Welcome to Mighty Green

The very best health and wellness CBD products.

Our mission is to make a difference to peoples’ lives in the most meaningful way – by aiding and advocating better health.

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See what our happy customers have to say.
The face cream is an excellent product. I tried not using it for a few weeks and realised what a difference it had made to my skin. Back on it now!
Jenny UK
Firstly I would like to commend you on your customer service and commitment you have shown to ensure the quality of your products. I am a nurse practitioner who was debilitated with musculoskeletal pain. I used the muscle balm and I was not only able to sleep, but I was able to cope with the demands of my job.
Shirley UK
My order from Mighty Green arrived within 48 hrs, well packed it arrived via a courier. I have been using the Face Cream for 5 days and can already see a difference. My skin is brighter and feels nourished. The texture of the cream is slightly different to other creams but it works in easily and very little is required. I like the fact that this product is sympathetically designed to meet the growing demand for sustainable products. Highly recommended.
Sue L UK
The balm is amazing the pain and restless leg problems have eased dramatically since using it. Only problem is would like a bigger jar, but great...
Margaret P UK
I have previously purchased the CBD drops starting at a low strength for a relative. Before they completed the bottle they said they noticed a difference in their joint aches. Also they started sleeping better. I have previously purchased the CBD drops starting at a low strength for a relative. Before they completed the bottle they said they noticed a difference in their joint aches. Also they started sleeping better.
Deborah H UK
I would consider myself in good health and no real issues apart from an old food injury I have, every so often I get fluid around the tendon and it hurts! I heard about Mighty Green and being interested in CBD oils I thought I would try it. I used the balm on my feet and it does amazingly to help with pain and swelling, I also use the oils to help relax at the end of the day. I love the products so much that I recommended it to my Mum who struggles with all sorts of pain and my sister. Mighty Green is now a family favourite of ours and we can't thank you enough for your amazing products.
Rebecca W UK
I have been using Mighty Green CBD oil since October last year and I cannot do without it. It has made a huge difference to the quality of my sleep and my higher order thinking. I am a therapist and deal with trauma recovery. I need to be very creative with my work and have a stable, clear mind. I really struggled in September when my workload increased and I needed an additional supplement to support my mind health. I am so pleased I found this product. I highly recommend it.
Bonita A UK
Relief Balm - great product, took down the swelling and reduced the pain in my knee from a long standing injury. I was slightly dubious as I have not tried CBD products before, but the results spoke for themselves. Repeat customer.
Ricky P UK
Restless legs - the bain of what should be my relaxing evening.... until I found Mighty Green's Muscle Balm... what a fantastic product, works super quick, smells lovely and feels like a luxurious body treat whilst calming the restlessness, would highly recommend!
Dorothy M UK
Arrived promptly, beautifully packaged and most importantly, it worked. I am now a repeat customer. Thank you.
Mike N UK
I've been using the CBD massage oil and balms for the last 6 months and I love everything about them. From helping conditions such as arthritis, plantar facilitis and restless leg. Also helping heal bruises and itchy mosquito bites. But what I love the most is the wonderful aroma they all have, making life feel a little better.
Jayne R UK
Decided to get the 1000mg as works out cheaper but I am struggling because in my mouth it feels lacking in volume but feel that its mind over matter. So am sticking with it as I feel good for taking CBD in so many ways xx
Judie S UK
Mighty Green is a delightful and professional company to do business with. Their CBD products are of the highest quality, as is their customer service. Any query or question I have had has been responded to promptly and courteously. In addition, the team at Mighty Green are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to understanding how their CBD products might be able to offer support in certain health scenarios. I would unreservedly recommend Mighty Green.
Elizabeth H UK
This is such an amazing balm, it really does relieve tight sore muscles and I would highly recommend it. You only need the smallest amount as it runs in really well and goes such a long way. Thank you Mighty Green.
Michele P UK
I thought I would try the CBD anti ageing face cream. I love it! It goes on lovely, makes your face moisturised but not greasy. Make up can also be applied directly after. Thank you Mighty Green!
Cheryl G UK
The CBD Anti-Ageing Face Cream is DIVINE! The texture and smell are really lovely and it absorbs like a dream. My skin can get a touch oily on the forehead and a little dry in other places, but this cream seems to balance it out and has a smoothing effect, a little bit like primer. I love that it's natural too. Couldn't be happier.
Hayley C UK
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Our Experts

Mighty Green is formed of a team of medical and wellbeing professionals, on a mission to help you achieve balance and wellness, naturally.

Health and wellness are fundamental for a happy and fulfilling life. Our top-quality, plant-based products and broad scientific expertise are here to help you live your very best.
Claudia le Feuvre
Nutritional Therapist. Co-Founder
Dr Ryan Morrow
Pharmaceutical Chemist
Dr Shereen Saleh
General Practitioner
Kath Temple MSc
Leanne Naylor
Sleep Consultant & Hypnotherapist
Jayne Ridley
Richard Callender
Personal Trainer & Fitness Presenter
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